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  • Isaac Hart

Gum in the Works


Cranberry cranberry

Van nearby

hands of god—

Given Ron Livingston

Wrong bitters, gone with his sled,

Bong giving head.


Honored, Kotter teaching Godard

Father please believe my guilty

Soul is flounder cut on counter

Grave Head Stone — Are Eye Pea

flowers sent last summer’s snow storm.

Synagogue, sing oddball God Songs,

Citrus cleats dug grin my tongue's lung

Sweet, sweet taste of taste buds facefucked


Sososo fast was I running. I am in a pretty comment

Sex lies smut and video tape, Buzz words hellfire hid-E-us fate.

Lots of nations expo needed, crowd in sight for an Eiffull

Frozen peas, please, piece peace geese fleece heat wave—

Keep it close like kettle pots kelping shots of Gretel's snot.

Hell's god gulping soapy bricks of remoulade, warts on a

demagogue nominated for an emmy award


Persephone hated the taste of pomegranate. Listen to the lovely light perpetuated. Bound to a

basement beneath the earth but cursed to know that on the land is mother maiden stranded

thinking of her daughter’s hand in marriage to the bandit, granted, hardly a man— his reign in

Hades grants him majesty, tragedy of bowling alleyways, referee Persephone


Lunar Landing shooting strands of super silly string.

Little things,

pinpoint of a plaintiff"s pen cap

Ted Danson Dancing down and dirty during jury duty

Semen ropes and Hemoglobin

Even notice? Fever close, its beavers nose sniffs reapers slow skip keefer coke tits

sudsless onus one-kick hundred funyuns won win oven dumped in cum stains something.

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