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  • Pareidolia

    Image ID: A grid of circular images on a dull yellow background, identical except for a small dot that moves locations, changing each iteration of the image. Each circular image has a word below it in black text, describing the image’s identified name.

  • untitled libel

    Image ID: A 5 panel comic with the logo for The Cigna Group that reads “this is a threat & a promise!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Sorry About The Worms

    Image ID: Text on an off-white background that reads “SORRY ABOUT THE WORMS” in thick, curved black lettering. The words are surrounded and separated by various illustrations of pink earthworms.

  • you dont belong here

    Image ID: A crocheted rectangle that reads"You Don't Belong Here" in black and red text.

  • twenty and some change

    Image ID: Black text on a white background in the style of typewriter print. Occasional words in red ink are overlaid on the rest of the text, and the whole of the text switches to red at the bottom.

  • TV Guide

    Image ID: A collaged image against a black background. There is a photograph of a waterfall behind a plastic armchair, which has an elderly woman underneath it pointing a TV remote off frame. There is a caption at the top in bold lettering that reads, "TOO LATE".

  • Disco

    Image ID: A collaged image of a black and white dance hall, halved by the face of a young girl. There is a banner across the center that reads, "WORDS WITHOUT THOUGHTS".

  • Iconoclasm

    Image ID: A gridded comic depicting marble statues, peacock feathers and jellyfish, with text in speech bubbles throughout.

  • if i wave to your memory

    Image ID: An illustration of a person with their back to the viewer. They are holding a yellow envelope. A pile of envelopes are on the ground next to them. They are looking out across the distance towards a yellow sun. The text below reads, “If I wave to your memory sometime from a thousand miles away, I hope I will find you at peace.”

  • The Gouger

    Image ID: A 12-panel comic depicting a cat and human character, and their interactions with an ink knife and a tub of ink.

  • hello hello my sweetness

    Image ID: There is an illustrated pink colored girl to the far left laying on her back. She is laying on grass under a dark blue night sky. There is a single star in the sky along with yellow writing. The girl is surrounded by various creatures and objects. Ants, a swan, three different colored armless or single handed tiny people, three small pine trees, two tiny girls holding hands, a snake with a head of a girl, a single brown door and a candle-lit dinner table.

  • Most of the Time

    Image ID: A quilted banner with black text and screen printed notebook paper patterns reads "Most of the time I forgive you, it's easier to just forget these days. Most of the time. The stinging nettle still catches my thigh though. It doesn't hurt like it used to. Most of the time."

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