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  • Stevie Ceruolo

Marina City

Evolution works differently in Marina City. Upon its completion in 1968, life inside its walls began to take on new forms, rewriting a genetic story that had already been written. Despite their relative proximity, each tower, Tower East and Tower West, represents a distinct branch on the re-evolutionary tree.

The residents of Tower West live a very automatic life, all following the word of The Queen, words spoken in a language of dances and smells. They wish they didn’t have to listen, but did so anyway (one of the few remnants of the human condition as the rest of us know it). They grew wings in 1973, but they did not fly, as the laws of aviation dictate they should never be able. They follow the law, another remnant. If you were to ask any given resident of Tower West what their favorite color is, they would probably have a different answer depending on the individual, and mention that yellow and black is just a uniform. They can’t wear their main wardrobe at work, lest their nice outfit get sticky.

The residents of Tower East, the more lakeward of the two constructions, can fly. They have been able to since 1969, when they grew their feathers and wings. To those watching that first flight from below, it looked like a suicide before it looked like a miracle. The diets of Tower East’s residents consist mostly of freshwater fish and salt water taffy. Despite the spacious apartments and condos found within the tower, the residents spend most of their time on the wicker furniture they keep on their balconies. On a windy day their song will carry all the way down to the very end of Wabash Ave.


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